1: Why We Don’t Take That First Step

Side Hustle in Real Life

As many of you have probably done, I started to entertain the idea of picking up what is commonly known as a “side hustle”. A way to escape the daily grind and earn a little extra income in the process. It is something I think the majority of us think about on occasion. Often we find it much easier to ‘think’ about it than to take that first step of following through with it.

Reasons we don’t act on our ideas:

1. No ideas for your side hustle
2. My ideas have no value
3. Not the right time
4. Fear of failure
5. No idea of where to start
6. No money to get started
7. Fear of ridicule from friends and family

No idea of your side hustle

There are many ways to identify side hustles. The trick is to find which one fits for you. Just searching Google for terms like “side hustle, entrepreneur, make money” will return thousands of opportunities and ideas. If none of those are a fit, I recommend that you do some soul searching and identify strengths and interests you already have. Write them down and try to find ways of monetizing on them.

My ideas have no value

Many years ago, I told my wife I wanted to create a site where local contractors could go to advertise to get work in their area. The caveat being, they would be rated based on feedback provided by customers of that site that would utilize their services. This was my idea that would have made me thousands of dollars in passive income. She wondered, who would pay to use this service. Years later, we started to see ads for Angie’s List. We still occasionally look back on this and can do nothing but chuckle. You will not know how much value your idea will have until you try. Get off your butt and give it a shot. Just recognize when it is time to walk away. Don’t love your idea, think of it as a relationship that wasn’t meant to be. Know when to break up with your idea.

Not the right time

It will never be the ‘right time’. You can find excuses every day as to why you shouldn’t start. Stop procrastinating and get to it. No better time than the present. If you don’t start now, you will never reach your goal. The first step to success….is that first step.

Fear of failure

I grew up in an era that we didn’t’ get participation trophies. Winning meant a lot which means I do not like to fail. The only way to look beyond this is to turn your failures into a win. If you fall, get up and look behind you and see what you tripped on. Once you see where you messed up, get back in the race. Going forward, go around the hurdles you tripped on in the past. Yeah, that is a long way of saying: learning from your mistakes turns a failure into a win.

No idea where to start

That is an easy one. Today! How many ways have you been told in your life? There is no time like the present. Early bird gets the worm. Just reading this blog can be your beginning. Don’t let the momentum stop here. Don’t let this be something you read today and say you will start tomorrow. If you don’t stop saying that…well, tomorrow is always tomorrow. It is time to start NOW! Now that you know where to start, the next step is identifying ways of turning your ideas into a source of income. Read blogs, listen to podcasts and make Google your friend. Just don’t stop the forward momentum.

No money to get started
This should never be an excuse. Cut out lattes, reduce your tobacco and alcohol intake. If those don’t work for you, create a temporary side hustle to fund your larger side hustle. Do you have a mower, snow blower, are you handy, can you haul things? Clean a house? Weed a flower bed? Tutor? Teach music? The possibilities are endless. Just be diligent at putting the money aside from these ‘side’ jobs. $20-30 here and there will add up over time. Remember, nothing happens overnight. Haw many stories have you heard of successful entrepreneurs telling how they started by “working the grind”

Fear of ridicule from friends and family

Don’t let this be the reason for not starting. There have been many instances that I tried something without anyone knowing I tried it. Why? I was afraid of the ridicule or negative influence. You will run into a lot of folks that will not get your “entrepreneur” ideas. They cannot see beyond tying success to a 9-5. I say, you don’t have to tell them until you are comfortable with it. Don’t let this stop you from being successful. You will want to talk about your successes and roadblocks though. I suggest you join groups of like-minded individuals to share your entrepreneurial attitude. Surrounding yourself with these types of folks will make you stronger in that perspective.

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