2: Get Out Of Your Rut

Win by doing

Recognize you are in a rut and get out of it!

If you feel you are in a rut, Imagine being the one driving that car, wheels axle deep in a rut.  I think that image represents all too well how we can get in our normal everyday lives.  Getting stuck going down the same path we do day in and day out.  Trudging along with no seemingly way out.  If you have ever been in a car that was in this same predicament, you know that the ‘rut’ can be a rough ride and if you could just get out of it, you see a smoother alternative.  Knowing you are in a rut and that it is not where you want to be is the first step.  Now get out of it.

A way out 

Slow, deliberate movements in either direction can get you out.  Sometimes even a little work digging out a path can get you out quicker.  But it is possible. It may take a little elbow grease and a plan of attack but you can escape.  I guess what I am saying is you can make that change.  Find something that works for you, do your homework and move on it.  Your passions can be monetized.  The tricky part is finding the ‘how’.  Through my ramblings on this blog, I hope I can provide some insight to help you along the way.  Just don’t give up.

Don’t crank the wheel for a quick get away!

Not sure if you have ever tried it but a hard crank of the wheel rarely works.  It usually does more harm than good.  I see ads all over the internet telling you someone did 6 figures in 6 months.  They may be right, but 6 figures of what? Sales of product X? How much of that was actual profit?  How much did they take home at the end of the day?  How much did they make off the information they were selling to you?  Just be cautious of those that tell you they can help you do the same “With their product”.  I do not have a problem with someone buying information.  I just suggest going into the purchase as knowing exactly that….you are buying information. Don’t expect that information to make you a success.  Look at it as a tool to reach your success with your hard work….your perseverance.

Make your own path to escape your rut

Sitting around and just thinking about change will not bring change.  You have to make a plan and takes the steps to follow that plan.  Best advice I can give is start now.  Stop complaining about where you’re at and get off your butt and do something.

Summing it up

  • Recognize you are in a rut and make plans to get out
  • Identify ways of getting out of your run and start planning on execution
  • Be cautious about ‘get rich quick’ programs but do you research to make sure what you are buying are tools to make you successful
  • Start now, plan and follow through

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