3. Retail Arbitrage (RA) Game


Retail Arbitrage – Just a game.

Selling online

After stumbling upon an article on this ‘side hustle’ I thought I would give it a try.  I knew starting retail arbitrage was something I wanted to try.  I have to admit, I was pretty excited to give it a go but where do you start?  I did a lot of blog reading and podcast listening.  I learned about FBA, RA, WA, private labeling…wow, this was a lot bigger than I ever imagined.  Where do I begin?  I don’t have a lot of discretionary but I did have about $150 I could use towards an investment.  I told my wife about it and though she didn’t want all the details, she was willing to support me.

My Model

I started this in the fall so I had just missed the deadline to be a new seller in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) space.  My only option was to get started with the self-fulfillment.  I wanted to get going so I decided to store all my purchases at home and ship orders myself as they came in.  My initial planning was to start self-fulfillment and move toward FBA after the holiday season.  If all works well, move to private labeling after that.  Only time will tell if I actually follow through on that.  It is nice to set goals though.

My first shopping experience

The first step in starting retail arbitrage as a side hustle is finding product to resail.  There was a local book store that was closing and I went in on the last day they were going to be open.  I wasn’t going in to buy a lot.  Just to take a look and see what they had.  I wanted to see if they had anything that interested me at a steal of a price.  Well, it was midafternoon with only a few hours left of them being open….time for a bag sale.  What? A bag sale?  $10 for as many books I could fit in a large industrial size garbage bag and $30 for as much as I could fit in of not book items into a kitchen size bag.  I was in retail arbitrage (RA) heaven.  I was armed with my cell phone and apps to scan items in the beginning but realized when they opened the bag sale, scanning was futile.  I just started loading my bags.

I walked out of the store with every type of book you could imagine.  Self-help, diet, finance, children’s, you name it, I packed my book sack until it could stretch no more.  The other bag I filled the same with anything from cell phone accessories to collectibles.  All in all, I counted my total stash of about 150 items and estimated each item to be about $.28.  Out the door I went, ready to get my treasures home and start scanning.  I probably spent about an hour and a half scanning all my items into my account with my Amazon Sellers app.

Caught the bug

Within a day of starting my retail arbitrage adventure on Amazon, I had my first sale.  I caught the bug.  No, I have not made a million but there is just something satisfying about getting that notification of a sale.  Since my first sale, I have been on the lookout for other items as I do my day to day shopping.  I have searched the isles at Walmart and Walgreens as well as daily checks to craigslist listings.  All and all, the first week of purchases was about $128. For this trial, I figure that would be a good place to start.  Time to sit back and reap the rewards.

My First Weeks Profit Breakdown

$123.32 in gross sales off about $11.68 in inventory cost!! That is a profit margin of 1056%.  See what I did there?  I already made you even more interested in doing this yourself.  Am I right?  Here is the actual breakdown.  Of that $123.32, take out the $29.43 in Amazon fees.  Those fees include: $99/item fee for not having a pro account, 15% referral fees and $1.35 variable closing fees.  Now subtract shipping.  For those items sold, I was about $37.13 in actual shipping.  Now subtract cost of packaging.  I   averaged $0.40 for padded envelopes to ship books and I recycled packing for one of my non book items.  All in, I figured a net profit of $41.69 or roughly 375% profit margin.  That is still pretty good in my eyes, but I am still sitting on about $116 in inventory.    I need to earn another $75 to really be sitting in the black.  I am still undecided about it but am going to continue giving it a go and will update you on my progress through the blog.  Right now, I am going to say that starting retail arbitrage can be a successful side hustle if you just put your first step forward.  After all, you only win by doing!

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5. Can I make money doing Retail Arbitrage?

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