7. Thrifting and Selling on eBay (part 1)


I am testing the waters of  thrifting and selling on eBay.  I began by cross listing some of my items I am selling on Amazon.  I have also found that I enjoy thrifting. This means going to thrift stores to find product for resale through my eBay RA model.  That is where I am got most of my product for this test.  I think I like the challenge of trying to find items I think might sale.  Currently I have 63 listings which should amount to about $1,300 in sales.  Here is what I learned about listing items.

Listing an item:

  1. Photo’s
    1. Take high quality photo’s
    2. Iron clothing if you can
    3. Use a mannequin if you have one available, lay out flat if not
    4. Remove clutter from your item
    5. You are allowed up to 12 photo’s for free.  Take enough to truly depict your item
    6. Include images if there are any defects so your buyer is not surprised when they receive their items.
  2. Describe your item
    1. Offers basic text edits
      1. Font
      2. Bold
      3. Underline
      4. Lists (bullets)
    2. Has HTML editor
      1. You need to have some knowledge of HTML coding
      2. Allows more customization
      3. Be careful how it may affect the look on a phone or tablet
  3. Listing options (eBay provides a market range of similar items that have sold on eBay):
    1. Best chance of selling (eBay recommended)
      1. Auto lists your item at the lowest end of eBays market range
      2. Usually pre-set to Auction
    2. Get the most money
      1. Auto lists your item at the higher end of eBays market range
    3. Sell it your way
      1. Auction
        1. You set the “starting price” 
        2. Set the duration (3, 5, 7 or 10 days)
        3. You can add a “Buy it now” price to allow buyers to forego the duration of the auction
    4. Fixed price
      1. Set the “buy it now” price
      2. choose your duration (3, 5, 7, 10, 30 days or good til it’s cancelled)
  4. Shipping
    1. Recommended shipping (ebay calculates this by how most items similar to yours was shipped 
      1. Buyer pays
      2. You pay (buyer gets free shipping)
    2. Set your own cost
      1. Buyer pays
      2. You pay (buyer gets free shipping)
    3. Local pickup only (This is probably for larger items that you don’t want to pay for freight)

Can I make money thrifting and selling on eBay? I think it is possible.  I am just not sure if I have the ins and outs the “selling on eBay” process.  I have realized it is a whole different monster than selling on Amazon.

My first impression is selling on eBay is more of a waiting game.  I just haven’t found the trick.  If you all have any tips and tricks to getting items to sell, please drop me an email.  I have a suspicion that I am pricing a little high.

I also think I still need to tweak my shipping.  I think I’m a bit gun shy because of a couple items I lost money in shipping through Amazon self fulfillment process.  I think the key here is learning what size boxes I will be packing in, weighting the items and putting the dimensions and weight in the eBay seller portal and trusting the system.  I have a couple items testing that theory and will see how that works.  I will post results in future posts.  If you haven’t done so, please sign up for my newsletters.  I am going to be sending out monthly news letters recapping my progress and passing more information on what I have learned through the process.

If you would like to learn more about my Amazon self fulfillment test, check out that post here and here.

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