12. 6 Things to consider before submitting your eBay listing

Whether you are a veteran seller or just beginning, here are some things to remember before hitting that magical “list” button.  Remembering these will not only save you time but could potentially keep you from making mistakes that could potentially do damage to your bottom line.

Sale image

  • If you choose to “sell similar”, make sure you check, and double check everything
    • It is important to check the title.  If the similar is selling a ‘lot’ and you only have one item, you don’t want to misrepresent your item.  You cannot change the title once an item has a bid or once it has been purchased
    • check shipping to make sure the shipping option is the one you want.

Take quality photos

  • Images – Take lots of quality images.
    • eBay gives you 12 for free
    • Include images of any defects so there are no surprises when the buyer receives their item.
    • Include images of labels for clothing
    • include images of model numbers if applicable


  • Pricing
    • Price to sell – I am finding out eBay is a whole different monster than Amazon
      • Keep in mind shipment costs if you offer free shipping.
      • Don’t over price your items.  I tend to keep my prices at about $5-10 net profit to keep my inventory moving.  Currently my average profit per item is $12.57.  Once I get more sales under my belt, I may do better.

Choose shipping method

  • Choosing Shipping Method
    • Free? Buyer Pays?
      • If you can price the item with enough margin to cover the cost of shipping, it might benefit to offer free shipping.  This is a bonus to the buyer and will attract them more to your listing than someone charging for shipping
      • Personally, I have been charging the buyer for shipping primarily.  I look at it on a case by case basis.

Packing your item

  • Getting ready for shipment – make sure you have packaging ready prior to listing
    • Get the box/envelope to ship your item
    • Place ‘filler’ in bottom of box
    • Put your item in the box
    • Pack more ‘filler’ around and on top of your item to minimize movement during shipment
    • Use poly bags for shipping clothing. I recommend using a poly bag to place your item in and packing that in the poly shipping bag.
    • Print invoice and place in package
    • Tape all open seams


  • Ship your item
    • I recommend printing your shipping label through eBay, taking advantage of the shipping discount
    • Print shipping label
      • You can purchase adhesive shipping labels through the post office or 3rd party supplier
      • You can print on paper and tape label on your package (make sure you do not put tape over the bar code).
    • Drop your packages off at the post office(recommended) or schedule a pick up.

Positive feedback

  • Leave feedback.
    • You want positive feedback? Pay it forward.

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