13. Snow Removal for Profit

Snow Removal Side Hustle Idea – 

Our first significant amount of snow fell this last week.  As it started to pile up, I have to admit that I was dreading the chore of getting the snowblower out of storage.  I knew it had sat for a couple years and would take some effort to get started.  It did.

A man has a lot of time to think when trying to be a snow blower repair man.  During this chore I came up with a great winter side hustle. SNOW REMOVAL (maybe the snow piling up on my sidewalks and driveway was the real inspiration here).  If you are looking for a little extra cash to recover from the holidays, weather permitting, this might be a good gig for you.

What to charge your customers.

I researched several websites and message boards to get an idea of what to charge customers.  I was shocked to see that the a typical residential clearing of sidewalk/driveway was nearing the $50 mark.  Here are my suggestions for pricing.

  • Base rate (up to 6 inches of snow) – $35 – $40
  • Pre sign up for same week follow up (if more snow falls in 7 day time frame) – $20
  • Heavy snow increase (each 4 inches after 6) – $5
  • Neighbor discount (houses next to each other) – $30
  • Senior discount – $20-$25

How, when and where

  • Get on your computer, make a quick flyer outlining your pricing structure
  • Start walking.  Go door to door.  Start with your own neighbors and expand from there
  • Take a notebook to track your new customers.   Make sure you get Name, address and amount quoted.
  • If you plan on taking deposits, receive these at this time.

The numbers

Scenario 1 – quick 4 inch snowfall, temperatures in the low to mid 30’s

You will probably only have 2 days of shoveling before the snow melts on it’s own.  Lets say you can get 15-20 clients.  With an average of $30 per client, that is an extra $450-$600 in your pocket.

Scenario 2 – 6 inches with more snow in the forecast.

With the initial average of $30 plus the $20 followup (assuming they all sign up for the followup service), you can anticipate upward of $750 – $900 in a 7 day period.


Dont over extend yourself – I only mentioned 15-20 clients for this reason.  This still may be more than you can get done before the snow leaves on its own.  If you can find someone to help you out and pay them hourly to take on some of the work, you can increase your profits as well.

The up sell

You can also offer other services for upsell

  • Spread salt/de icer on side walks ($15)
  • Remove over throw from snow plows after you are gone ($5-10)

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