14. Measuring To Determine Men’s Suit Size For eBay Listing

Ok, so you’ve gone out on a thrift shop run and brought your goodies home.  As you begin to list your items on eBay, you notice that that beautiful men’s suit jacket has no sizing information.  What do you do?  The thrifting and selling on eBay struggle just got real!!

No problem.  You have it under control.  By following this guide, you can easily determine the size for your listing.

Video and steps below:

Step 1 – Lay the jacket out on a flat surface.  Smooth out so the garment is laying out completely flat.

Lay Suit Jacket Out On Flat Surface

Step 2 – Using a tape measure, measure armpit seam to armpit seam.  Sometimes using a standard locking tape measure makes this task easier.  You can pick one up from your local hardware store if you dont have one already.  In this example I used a fabric tape.

Measure armpit to armpit
Measure armpit to armpit.
Chest measurements on this item is 24 Inches
This jacket measures 24 inches

Step 3 – Measure the length of the jacket from just below the collar to the bottom of the jacket.

Measure from base of neck to bottom of jacket
Length measurement is 31.5 inches
This jacket measured right at 31.5 inches

Step 4 – Multiply width measurement by 2 and subtract 2 inches for ease of movement.  This would make the size 46.  The using the length chart below, we see that the size of this jacket is 46R.

Suit Jacket LengthSize
Less than 31 inchesShort (S)
31 to 33 inchesRegular (R)
More than 33 inchesLong (L)

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