17. Starting That Entrepreneur Spirit Early

My Child Entrepreneur


My 9 y.o. daughter has been watching me list things on eBay and Amazon and selling this last couple of months.  I drug her through thrift stores, trying to get her involved.  She just wasn’t getting into it.  It got to the point that she dreaded going along with me.  “We aren’t going to thrift stores?” often came out of her mouth when I asked if she wanted to go shopping with me.

Getting Her Involved

I really wanted her to gain an understanding of what I was doing and why I was doing it.  She understood that I was trying to earn extra money but as a child, she only saw that she was standing around while I stood for an hour looking through the local thrift store.  She hadn’t caught the bug.  Then it dawned on me.  I would give her some start up money to buy her own items to sell.  This sparked her interest.

Her First Items

I gave her an allowance of $20.  I told her that she could buy what she thought someone might want.  We happened to be at a local home improvement store picking up some items for odd jobs I needed to do around the house.  We walked by a holiday clearance rack and saw a can of snow.  She looked past the reluctance I would have had that this was a holiday item.  Christmas was over.  She took her can and went to the clerk for a price check.  It was $.49 a can.  She bought two.  On a later trip to Walmart, my wife had picked up a singing Dora the Explorer for $5.  She asked in her sweet child voice if she could list it.  Seeing her genuine interest in my world of RA and eBay selling, I let her list it.

Listing Her Items

Right after her purchase of the snow in a can, our family went on trip south for a gaming convention.  She was ready to list but we didn’t want the chance of it selling while we were out of town.  We actually got the Dora the day after our return.  That evening, she was ready to list.  She got her items, borrowed moms phone and started the process of listing the item on eBay.  I explained to her the listing process.  I walked her through the process of determining if she wanted to list the two cans of snow as a lot or sell them individually.  She weighed her items, took her pictures, I guided her through how to determine shipping methods, she typed in her description and her listings were completed.

Her Listings Here

Canned Snow

Singing Birthday Dora

The Wait

She will patiently wait to see if her items sell.  She understands that out of her money she earns from these, she will have to take care of packing, riding with us to take them to the post office and repaying her parents for her initial investment.  My goal here is to teach her how to account for product cost as well as all the fees associated with resell.  My hope is that she will gain an understanding of how business works by making this lesson fun by getting her involved in the whole process.  I am not wanting to turn her into a eBay mogul but open her up to opportunities to learn business at an early age.  I am hoping to turn our trips to the thrift store into something fun that we can do together instead of something that she dreads.

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