18. Packing and Shipping Clothing and Coffee Mugs – eBay Selling Tip For Positive Reviews

Don’t be afraid of packing clothes or coffee mugs for eBay shipment


Have you been thinking of starting to flip items by reselling on eBay and felt the idea of packing and shipping daunting?  I have been selling a wide variety of items on eBay (and Amazon) the last few months and will attest that this side of the hustle left me feeling a bit anxious until I dove in and actually started doing it.

If you have been investigating the subject of packing, you have probably read blogs and watched YouTube videos that told you to just throw items in a cereal box, slap your printing label on and take them to the Post Office.  Some may do this but I am not sure how many positive reviews you would get by doing so.  I would almost guarantee a few negative ones.

Review Examples:

  • As described. Fast delivery and packaged very well!
  • Perfect shirt! Very fast and very neat shipping! Extremely please! Be back soon!
  • Good price, and shipping

As with all my side hustles, I want to do the best I can and do right by people.  That is the reason I value these positive reviews.  Yes, I know, it also boost my image as an eBay seller but that is secondary.  Customer satisfaction is primary.

Glassware and Clothing are a few of many items that I ship and want to pass on to you how I personally ship in order to boost my stores image.  Here I will briefly go over what items are needed and give you a demonstration of the actual process.

Packing Clothing:

Items Needed –

  • Packing Tape
  • 1-Mil Poly Bags (clear) – Sourced from eBay
  • 2-Mil Shipping Mailing Packaging
  • Printer (print packing slip and shipping label)



Packing Coffee Mugs / Glassware For Shipment

Don’t be afraid of selling coffee mugs on eBay.  You can pack them in a way to greatly reduce your odds of them breaking in transit.  Here are tips and a brief video explaining the process.

Items Needed –

  • Packing Tape
  • Newspaper
  • Box larger than item being shipped
  • Bubble wrap, preferably the large 1/2 inch kind. 
  • Brown paper(this can be substituted with more newspaper)
  • Printer (print packing slip and shipping label)


Tips –

  • If using a tape dispenser to tape on labels, be careful not to cut your packaging with it.  Tear tape off before taping shipping label to package
  • Fold clothing neatly and tape inner bag closed
  • Do not put shipping label inside the clear bag with clothing.  Put it between inner and outer envelopes.
  • When packing your items, make sure to fill all voids.  This will minimize movement during transit which will reduce the chance of your item breaking.
  • If using 2 inch tape, put tape over the address portion of your shipping labels.  You never know when the package might come in contact with liquid during transit.  You dont want your labels to smear.
  • Most clothing will go first class.  This usually gets there in the same amount of time as priority.  The only time it will need to go priority is if it exceeds first class weight limits.

Well, I hope you found this useful.  If the videos helped out, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit a like.  I also don’t mind a little constructive criticism.

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