19. Women’s Shirts Selling On eBay – Flipping Recomendation


Selling On eBay

As you all may have guessed, currently I am flipping items on eBay and doing some selling on Amazon.  To be successful in this type of side hustle, getting good at sourcing is a necessity.  Though you can source with minimal amounts of cash in the beginning, to be successful you need to have an eye for what to purchase.  Time is going to be your greatest investment.  In this installment, my hope that these suggestions you will be able to minimize your time while sourcing by offering the results of my own research.  Since the research does take time, this installment will cover women’s tops specifically.

Sourcing suggestions

  1. Your closets
  2. Thrift stores
  3. Craigslist
  4. Auctions
  5. Garage Sales
  6. Storage unit sells
  7. Flea Markets
  8. Pawn Shops
  9. local Facebook Swap n Shop pages

Where I am currently sourcing

Currently, we are still in the tail end of winter.  Having two plus feet of snow on the ground still does limit my sourcing locations.  I have rely more on thrift stores and craigslist.  At this time, I only rarely go into the FaceBook pages because these folks look at eBay as a pricing guide without knowing exactly how to pull comps.  It seems they find the most expensive item of the same type listed and think that is what they should be getting for their items.  Many of them don’t consider looking at “sold” items to see what they are actually getting for it.  They don’t consider that eBay has the reach of millions and not just the local community.  Wow, got off on a rant there didn’t I.  I primarily source through thrift stores now.  I usually pick one day a week and hit as many as I can.  I have been pretty successful so far.  On a side note, currently, I am sourcing more of my clothing from stock piles here at the house since my wife and I have shrunk out of them.

Woes of Sourcing

You hear it from other pickers that source…I go to “X” location and found this item for under $2.  That just isn’t typically the case in my location.  At least at the thrift stores.  It seems that most items are going $4-6 unless you go on a sale day.  This is why it is important to know your stores and when they have their sales.  At these prices, you can still make some change selling items a couple bucks above cost.  Just keep in mind listing fees, PayPal fees, shipping materials, time etc.  The list I have compiled below are just trends that I have found that can generally list for around $15 or above.  There are a couple that I added to the list that barely made the list so as always, do your own comps when you can.

Disclaimer: I am not going to guarantee you will make millions sourcing based on my recommendation.  These are items I have found have sold for $15  and up consistently in the current market.  Some of them exceeding the $20 mark.  As always, inspect each item for quality and provide good quality listings.  You will also want to consider doing comps yourself depending on when you are viewing this posting.

19 Brands Of Women's Shirts That Sell On eBay

Based on my research, here is a list of women's shirts that are hot on eBay in the current market. If you can find these at a good price, you should be able to turn a nice profit.
Ralph LaurenPlaid patterns.
DressbarnFree flowing garments with floral patterns.
Disney StoreHow could you go wrong?
Tommy BahamaMost, check comps.
TalbotsLarger Sizes
Fresh ProduceThink patterns.
Lands EndWould stay away from turtlenecks.
Eddie BauerSafe with sizes XL and above.
Lane BryantPlus sizes.
J Crewrecommend avoiding sleeveless and Tee's
Harly DavidsonTanks and Sleeveless are on the lowest end of the spectrum so only get those styles if they are a good deal. All others appear to do really well.
LL BeanLean toward the larger sizes here
Eileen FisherGenerally, I would say any of these would do well.
Robert GrahamAll seem to do pretty good. Check quality and verify by checking comps
APT 9Seems that paisley and floral prints to pretty good
ChapsAztec, paisley and floral prints.
ColumbiaSeems that most stay ahead of the curve if you can get a good price for them.
C.J BanksSweaters and their wide assortment of stretch denim do well. Take quality and cost into consideration when doing comps.


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