Rodney Brinson here,20161004_122505

All of our experiences groom us to who we are today.  Through my upbringing in Northern Oklahoma and my years in the USAF, I have picked up what I like to think is a pretty solid work ethic.  After leaving the Air Force, I started a career in corporate America and continued learning from both my peers and members of upper echelon of management.  All these experiences have made me who I am today.  Though I still work a 9-5, I like to try to spend my time outside of work trying out new ways to beat the grind.  I like to describe myself as an entrepreneur adventurer.  A side hustler.

I wanted to build a community of like minded individuals.  Folks like you that want to try to do more than just “work for the man”.  My goal is to do my best to inform and educate you on different ideas and methods of getting your side hustle on.  Most importantly, I want to soften those obstacles you face when making the decision to do your own side hustle or start your own business.

The only way you can win is by doing.  Taking that first step is the toughest but most important one.  If you never leave the starting block, you won’t even place.  You have already lost.  You will only win if you put all the doubt aside, get off your butt and start now.  Once you take that first step and start forward momentum you are on your way.

Falling down

Yes, you will fall along the way.  Whether making poor decisions or just dumb luck, their are 2 things you can do.

  1. Pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and start again
  2. Quit

I hope you pick number 1